Property View Prices
$347.75 for the first county ordered
$294.25 for a second county
$267.50 each for subsequent counties

$187.25 for a Single Annual CD-ROM
$ 64.20 per CD-ROM copy

PropertyView Links
 Property View (click the thumbnails for larger screenshots of the product)

Below is a list of the Counties that NexGen has available at this time. More Counties will follow this year. This chart also indicates if the County has Property Record Cards and maps on the CD-ROM as well.


Property View was developed to provide the general public with access to North Carolina County Tax and GIS map record information using CD and DVD-ROM technology. NexGen currently has 17 counties finished and in quarterly production. Click here to see a map of the counties available

Property View search screens can have more than 20 searchable fields. Meaning you can narrow down your search to excatly what your looking for in one or two searches. Since NexGen gets the data from the county the format will look familiar and react similiar to what you are use to getting from the county.

Property View also has the ability to create comma delimited files from the data itself. Enabling you to create mass mailing list to print off for labels. You may also export the data out of Property View and into any software you want.

Also featured withing propoerty view is a viewer able to read dxf/dwg maps. So you can search/locate and print what the perimeter drawings look like with perimeter measurements right on the map.

(note: no Property View county has ortho drawings)

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